Hi Everyone!

It smells like spring, the birds are singing again and the days are so much longer! We hope that wherever you are, you are seeing signs that spring is not too far off. It seems to make so many people happier!

One of us went to a presentation on rafting adventures taking place in Canada’s north….the Nahanni River and several others. Not being a great outdoors person, she was intrigued and inspired by the amazing colours and textures shown to more likely adventurers. At the end of the evening, there were all sorts of ideas vying for being at the top of the list to be tried out. It just goes to show that doing something “out of the box” can pay unexpected creative dividends so maybe this little anecdote will encourage some of you to try something different to spur your own creativity to new directions.

The beginning of March brings us back into show mode. Details about the shows in Peterborough, Quebec City and Ottawa are presented elsewhere. We wanted, however, to remind you here that if you have any special requests, please think of sending us an email with your interests so that we do not disappoint you.  We do vary the merchandise selection we take to shows depending on the size of the space we have.

Wishing you a creative and happy month of March! All the best.


Meredith, Irina, Brent and Carrie