Czech Seed Beads

We have expanded the line of 10/0 Czech seed beads.

13 colours of Silver Lined 2-cut seed beads - sold by the hank $6.10-8.15

9 different Colour Lined seed beads - sold by the hank $5.20-5.60

3 transparent AB matte finish seed beads - sold by the hank $5.50-6.95

Supplies for Aboriginal Art

Dreamcatcher frames in 2.5" and 4"

9mm Glass Crow Beads

White and black bone hairpipe 1", 1.5", 2" and 2.5"


New gold plate clasps have arrived, 3 are magnetic and 1 is a large trigger clasp.


These 8 new books show many different techniques used when working with seed beads. So Inspirational!