Hi Everyone!

Isn’t it great that the days are noticeably longer? Many of our in store customers are commenting as well.  It is putting a smile on our faces and we hope on yours as well!

We have had a very busy month of January especially having to do inventory on top of all the normal activity! We love it when that is done as then we can be forward thinking again. We are having to start planning for shows as the first one is only a month away! This is exciting. 

With this being Valentine’s month, we thought it worthwhile passing on the sentiment from a wise person: “Don’t forget to love yourself”.  Sometimes in the rush of life, we overlook that. Maybe this year you can treat yourself to a valentine gift: some special chocolate, wine, a special piece of jewellery for yourself or a creative adventure.

To all of you have a wonderful month of February and we send best wishes for a Happy Valentine’s Day!


Meredith, Irina, Brent and Carrie